1. Utopias (IRL//URL)

Utopias (IRL//URL), 2017
Dimensions Variable. Installation view. Fabricated by the artist.
Phosphor coated glass tubing, argon gas, mercury, blockout paint, acrylic housing, arduino controlled sensors, hand-cast concrete. 

This installation explores the early cyber-feminist hopes of the internet as a genderless, bodiless utopia. The work asks questions about representation, gender and embodiment in Post-Internet culture. Set-up as a mock utopia, the work asks the viewer to question the effect of the digital/physical divide on how we understand and view sexualised and gendered bodies in online and offline spaces. The installation features coded Arduino modules that interact in real-time with the topography of the exhibition space.

Utopias (IRL//URL) Untitled #1, Untitled #3, 2017. Pictured at FBA Futures, Mall Galleries, London, January 2018. Image credit: Hannah Burton