1. My Body Was A River

My Body Was  A River, 2018.
Single channel video. 1m11s. + coded text to audio transcript.

This video/text work confronts notions of bodies both digital and physical: bodies of land, bodies of text and bodies in space. The work seeks to explore the connection between the disabled body and the natural landscape, examining the enforced separation of the disabled body from the natural world due to ableist socio-cultural design.

The text to audio transcript (see below) accompanies the video as an image file, copied exactly as it was encoded to speak “naturally” through the apple accessibility system. This coding includes pauses (coded as [[sincXXX]]) as well as incorrect spellings that enable correct machine-pronunciation of certain words. The transcript highlights the human input necessary to simulate humanity through machine-coding, whilst also providing an accessible transcript of the video work. 

My Body Was a River, Transcript.